Community college students are our nation’s future leaders.

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We cannot afford to ignore the potential of the nation’s community college students as advocates for change.

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Community college students’ voices matter, and they hold the solutions to some of our communities’ toughest challenges.

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Letter From the Founder & CEO

The Rappaport Family Foundation is committed to creating a more equitable society by building community college student leadership and supporting student civic engagement. With nearly half of America’s undergraduates starting out at community college, these community college students are our future. They are our next generation of teachers, doctors, policy makers and much more.

As the nation’s fastest growing higher education system in the country, the potential of community college students is America’s best kept secret. We’re proud of the work our grantee partners are doing to mobilize community college students’ leadership, power and voice, and we welcome you to join us in learning about and investing in them.

We’ve learned that engaging community college students is critical to advancing issues as varied as immigration reform, economic growth, and education equity. The results we’ve seen over the past years makes us committed today more than ever to continue our efforts.

Community college students are more likely than their four-year university counterparts to remain in and give back to their local communities. Community college graduates earn, on average, nearly $500,000 more than those with a high school diploma over their lifetime; and, investments in community college students yield billions back into our national economy. (Learn more about community college students in our infographic here.)

This is why we have invested more than $1 million since 2010 in fifteen grantee partners by way of our RFF Spark Initiative. Our grantee partners are making a tremendous impact, and you can read their stories throughout these pages. From making placement test policies more equitable, to allowing students to use food stamps on campus, and establishing the country’s first resource center for undocumented students, community college students are defining solutions to the challenges they face, and creating positive and lasting change for themselves and their fellow students. In the process, they are transforming our communities — and our nation.


Deborah Rappaport

Deborah Rappaport
Founder & CEO

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